Loving our neighbors in the way of Jesus.

Minneapolis Church Launching Summer 2019

Loving our neighbors like Jesus.

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Next Worship Gathering

August 11th |10:30am | Webber Community Center


What’s happening


Next Preview Worship Gathering
August 25th 10:30 AM, Webber Community Center

Join us for one of our preview worship gatherings this summer at Webber community center. Worship, teaching, connection time and kids programing.


Potluck on the Parkway August 18th, 11am at 39th Ave N and Victory Memorial Parkway

A meal with neighbors on the parkway! Join us for a potluck style meal, games, kids activities, and more.


Who we are

North City Church is a community of people called to love our neighbors in the way of Jesus. As a missional church, that means loving the neighborhoods of Northwest Minneapolis. As individuals that means loving the people we share common space with; people we live close to, people who share our passions and hobbies, whoever Jesus has put in our path to love.


Finding Jesus at the table.