Finding Jesus at the table


North City Church is a community of people called to love our neighbors in the way of Jesus. As a church, that means loving the neighborhoods of Northwest Minneapolis. As individuals that means loving the people we share common space with, people we live close to, people who share our passions and hobbies, whoever Jesus has put in our path to love.

When we look at Jesus’ life, we consistently find Him expressing His love and acceptance of neighbors by eating with them. North City is simply trying to love like Jesus. We want to create space for neighbors to experience Jesus’ presence around the table.


North City Table Practices

Communion table: Worship gathering centered on Christ’s table

Weekly Sunday gathering focused on celebrating communion. Services will include engaging worship, empowering teaching, extended time for conversation, and a participatory practice of communion. This space is intended to spark missional imagination and inspire everyday believers to love their neighbors in the way of Jesus.

Common Tables: Groups focus on eating with neighbors

Bi-weekly missional-community-like groups focused on cultivating rhythms of consistently eating with neighbors they feel called to join Jesus in loving. When these groups are not eating with neighbors they will be engaging in fellowship and bible study through a group bible study practice know as dwelling in the word.

Discipleship Table: The practice of confession re-imagined:

Bi-weekly groups of everyday believers engaging in a way of doing discipleship designed to give people a safe space to speak what’s most true about their life, and an encouraging accountability community to challenge people to respond to what God is saying to them in their lives on mission.